Artist's Statement

I love wild places. They penetrate my soul and uplift my spirit like nothing else on earth. I return to them year-in and year-out for renewal like a migrating bird driven by instinct. The farther I venture into them, the deeper I fall in love with them.

Although "wild" by nature, these places give me comfort. They calm the beast in me. And quell the chaos of modern living. They are where I feel most at peace with myself. What laws of nature frame such an enigmatic contradiction? I do not know. It is one of those unsolved mysteries of life that photographers like myself are left in solitude to ponder on film. A mystery for which I have no desire to find an answer, but merely delight in exploring.

To me, wild places are a sanctuary for people, not just a refuge for wildlife. It is my unconditional love for them that brackets the goals of my photography. They are as follows:

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