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BRK 001 Bark ScarBRK 002 Oak TumorBRK 004 Rotting StumpBRK 006 White Birch with LichenBRK 009 Cedar Bark with SprigFLR 001 Milkweed PodFLR 002 Marshgrass with LeafFLR 006 Biddeford Wild GrassFLR 007 AcornsFNG 001 Ringed FungusFNG 002 Mushrooms with Oak LeavesLEF 003 Decaying Maple LeavesLEF 006 Red and Yellow AspenLEF 008 Autumn Leaves with CircleLEF 009 Yellow and Green Quaking AspenLEF 010 White Oak Cluster with GallLEF 011 Beech Leaf In Corn SnowLEF 012 Brown On Yellow AspenLEF 019 PokeweedLEF 020 RugosaRCK 002 Rock Abstract (Pyramid Shape)RCK 003 Rock Abstract (Eye Shape)RCK 005 Intertidal Rocks with ShellsSHL 001 Mussels with Rose Petal

Purchase by check or money order made payable to: Terry Walker Photography.
Include $45 additional for shipping and handling.

Terry Walker Photography
6C The Plains
Manchester by-the-sea, MA 01944

Please Note:
“Print available for immediate delivery” indicates that the image has been scanned, proofed and produced for museum-quality print reproduction and can be delivered within two weeks of order date.
“Print available upon request only” indicates that the image has been scanned for Internet website exhibition use only and has not as yet been scanned, proofed and prodeuce for museum-quality print reproduction.¬† Call for details.
All images on website are available for stock use – usage rights and fees to be negotiated on an individual basis.

Production Notes
Prints: Chromogenic (Type C Prints)
Printing Process: Light Jet/Luminageª Paper: Fuji Crystal Archive
Scanning: 5200 dpi/Drum Scanner
Printmaker: AutumnColor Digital Imaging, Worcester, MA
Film: Fuji and Kodak Fine Grain Positive 35mm
Lighting: All images were shot using available light exclusively.
Exposure: All cropping and exposures were done in the camera.
Proofing: Development of the final print is faithful to the original transparency.

Prints available for immediate delivery (Allow two weeks)

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