Leaf Collection

LEF 006 Red and Yellow AspenLEF 007 Red And Yellow LindenLEF 008 Autumn Leaves With Ringlet Of GrassLEF 009 Yellow And Green Quaking AspenLEF 010 White Oak Cluster With GallLEF 011 Beech Leaf In Corn SnowLEF 012 Brown On Yellow AspenLEF 013 Maple LeavesLEF 014 Oak LeavesLEF 015 Chestnuts And LeavesLEF 020 RugosaLEF 001 Decaying Jack-in-the-pulipt LEF 019 PokeweedLEF 002 Purple Maple BushLEF 016 Eaton Swamp Grass With Red Maple LeavesLEF 003 Decaying Maple LeavesLEF 017 Three Oak Leaves On Pine Needles

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